VIrtual Offices from Elite Vendor Satellite Office

Satellite Office helps you to find the right workspace – regardless of your company and your budget.

A virtual office in one of our business centers is more than just a business address because in addition to the simple address, you can flexibly book different office services if required. Then our employees take on various – often time-consuming – administrative tasks for you.

This saves you valuable time, which you can instead effectively invest in your core business and (hopefully) maximize your profit. In order to benefit from your virtual office in the best possible way, a provider should offer office services such as professional secretarial service, telephone service, or mail acceptance in addition to the virtual office.

Telephone Service: You will receive your own local telephone number and fax number. Your calls will be answered professionally by our trained employees in your company name and forwarded to you or recorded as required. This means that you can be reached by your customers around the clock – because permanent availability is more important than ever in our fast-moving times.

Mail Acceptance: Our staff takes all your business correspondence, manages it, and forwards it to you.

Secretarial Service: We take care of all secretarial tasks for you. For example, we take care of administrative tasks, the dispatch, and the forwarding of your business correspondence, or welcome your customers at the reception.

Concierge Service: On request, our concierge service can also provide you with tickets, for example, for exclusive events, organize a catering service for you or reserve a table in an exclusive restaurant for your business meeting.

What is important for virtual office services?

In order for you to be optimally positioned with your virtual office, the optionally bookable office services should definitely fulfill the following three aspects:

  • The virtual office and all office services should be flexible and bookable at short notice – without long planning and without a long contract term.
  • The office services should be variable. If, for example, you need a secretarial service for one week and a telephone service for the next, then book these services exactly for the respective time.
  • Individuality comes first. The office service provider should tailor its services to your company so that you only pay for what you really need – no more and no less.

How can your business benefit from a virtual office?

A virtual office has numerous factors that can increase your company’s profits. We have summarized the most important advantages for you here:

Cost Efficiency And Financial Benefits

With an affordable virtual office, your company can save numerous costs:

  • You do not pay a brokerage commission and do not have to make high upfront investments for the complete office equipment, including office furniture and technical equipment.
  • You do not commit to a long contract term for your office space and the office services used. Instead, you always only flexibly book exactly what your company really needs. You can even book and bill our secretary service every 3 minutes, for example.
  • Because our employees take on numerous administrative tasks for you, you reduce your personnel costs. Because you don’t have to hire permanent staff yourself, you can book our office staff if necessary.

In addition, every entrepreneur should understand the enormous importance of correct location know for the success of his business.…