5 Methods to Reduce Your Ads Campaigns Expenses

Advertisers on Google AdWords and other advertising platforms do their best to make the most of the investment they make in these media. The idea of ​​this is to generate higher profits without having to increase investment considerably. So, here are 5 Practical ways to reduce your ads campaigns expenses:s

Use long-tail keywords

Keywords or long-tail keywords, also known as “long tail” are keywords that have a low number of searches and usually have fewer advertisers or competition auctioning for those keywords, which results in lower costs per click.

Many people make the mistake of advertising only with very generic keywords. The downside to doing this is that most advertisers use this strategy, and there is a high volume of searches (which very few take into account) with long-tail keywords.

What is the difference between short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords?

Examples of short-tail keywords

  • Digital camera
  • LED television
  • Smartphones

Examples of long-tail keywords

  • Canon Power shot digital camera
  • 17-inch Samsung LED television
  • Smartphone v2 Galaxy Ace 5 MP

If you notice, long-tail keywords are much more specific. They are usually activated through searches by users who have a higher purchase intention or who have already identified their needs.

Don’t just use broad match keywords.

One thing that many new advertisers do when starting with their Google AdWords campaigns is to use only broadly matched keywords in their ad groups.

This is an infallible recipe to attract little relevant searches with very high costs.

The experts at theadfirm.net recommend that you take advantage of the scope of all the match types that are available in Google AdWords.

Broad match, as its name implies, is the match that attracts the largest volume of searches. However, many times, these searches are little related to what the user is looking for.

Use the exact phrase matches and also the latest modified wide match to lower your CPC’s.

Without a doubt, it is a strategy that will generate very good results.

Relevance to the maximum

Relevance is the word of the game in Google AdWords, and the same is true for most pay-per-click systems as well.

The more relevant your Google AdWords campaign is, the lower your click-through costs will be.

And how do you achieve that relevance?

The general idea is that the keywords of your ad groups are included in the text of your ads.

And that in turn, the landing page is related to the theme of the ad and the same keywords. Try to think about what a user would like to find when doing a search and exactly that convey it in the text of your ad.

Increase the CTR of your ads

A good CTR is one of the most important factors influencing the quality level of keywords. And a good level of quality results in lower click-through costs. Therefore, the more you increase your CTR, the more likely your CPC will decrease.

A fairly simple technique to upload the CTR that anyone can implement is by doing a basic ad split test.

You can also try the following strategies to increase the CTR and as a consequence, reduce your costs per click:

  • Use promotions and discounts in the text of the ads
  • Use a clear and direct call to action.
  • Use ad extensions to increase your ad space.
  • Use keyword insertion in ads.
  • Use a different message than your competition (other advertisers)
  • Add negative keywords

The important thing with this strategy is to carry out a measurement of the changes you make to identify what is generating a higher CTR.

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